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Company Profile

AEMC is the UK HI-FORCE UHP Hydraulic Tool Brand's sales and service provider in China. Hi-Force hydraulic tools used in a wide range of industrial areas, including petroleum and petrochemical, refining, power plants, steel, paper, railway, mining, shipbuilding and repair industry, aviation, heavy machinery manufacturing, construction industry and many other industries, more and more. The more customers become satisfied with Hi-Force Hydraulic Tools!



Mobile hydraulic driving machine

Applicable to the world's largest bulldozer and ore hauler and train iron, working capacity of 50 tons, 100 tons, 150 tons, 200 tons, fully enclosed design with large diameter wheels and heavy tires, small equipment width, suitable for small space operation, a variety of stroke options, optional load locking block and inclined saddle, equipped with 6 meters of wire-controlled protection The certificate is far away from load safety and efficient operation.

Hydraulic torque wrench

Accurate torque control accuracy is 3% plus or minus, internal spline design reaction arm, to ensure the strength of the hydraulic part of the base and higher service life, suitable for small space operation, left and right mutual push high strength alloy steel drive shaft, hydraulic tubing with 360 degree rotary joint, metric and British mutual selection and optional internal hexagonal drive shaft and complete sets High strength sleeve meets various working conditions.

Hydraulic wheel puller

HI-FORCE hydraulic puller has several series, the integrated design uses built-in hydraulic manual pump working capacity of 10-30 tons, split hydraulic puller has automatic centering and combination of hydraulic puller sets, used for gear, casing, bearings, pulleys, sprockets, speed control wheel pulling, complete sets of equipment including hydraulic manual pumps and pressure gauges. And oil pipe accessories to meet various working conditions.


Hi-Force hydraulic stretcher is suitable for installation and disassembly of double-head bolts under various working conditions, including pipeline flange, heat exchanger, pressure vessel, compressor cover, boiler water pump, anchor bolt, etc., with piston stroke indicator line, high pressure self-tight seal, equipped with quick connector, which can be used separately or synchronously, modular design A set of stretching cylinders can cover a number of specifications of bolts, custom-designed to meet greater endurance and narrow space conditions, British and metric optional

Heavy hydraulic cylinder

FORCE heavy-duty hydraulic cylinder, working capacity of 5-1000 tons, there are short, universal, aluminum hollow type, with nut lock type, load return type, single and double action can be selected, all cylinder QPQC treatment of the cylinder wall and piston, high-pressure seals can be selected with inclined saddle, over-stroke protection and other full-seat diversified Working condition and demand