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Company Profile

World leader in the design and manufacture of precision instrumentation, CAN control modules, graphics displays, and multiplexing. Its primary products are instrumentation, displays, control modules and multiplexing for construction vehicles, off-highway vehicles, specialty vehicles and over the road trucks. Additional products include message centers, light bars, keypads, modular instrumentation, control/display modules and custom solutions for agricultural vehicles, military vehicles and bus/coach/rv applications.



CAN-Communicator gx

Our new CAN-Communicator (C-COM) GX line of graphics displays is designed for enhanced readability and exceptional picture quality, and includes an easily accessible MicroSD card for event recording. The ambient light sensor automatically adjusts the brightness of the display for day and night time operation. Power over Ethernet allows the cameras to be powered internally and the Linux based system provides reliable, customizable and security sharing commonality.

Universal instrument panel color display (UIp-CD)

The UIP-CD features a large, easy-to-read color graphics display to provide real time data information, diagnostics, fault codes, user set up features, and maintenance requirements. Full vehicle feedback is available for the operator with eight gauges, twenty LED telltales, DEF bargraph gauge, and an internal alarm with multiple sounds for various vehicle conditions.

CAN I/O Expander module (can i/o x)

CAN I/O X is part of the family of CAN Interface Modules used to enhance a complete vehicle instrumentation system. It provides manual transmissions and mechanical engines a means to connect with electronic instrumentation by converting pulsed inputs to digital information. The module also provides switched and analog inputs that can be converted to digital data. The converted data is then broadcast out on the J1939 CAN data bus.